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Pest Control Services

You have lots of choices when it comes to pest control, so why should you choose American Pest Control? There are many reasons, but we think the most important one is that we customize our treatment plans to your particular problem pests. Just as no two homes or businesses are exactly alike, neither are any two pest infestations exactly alike. We take into consideration your physical location and surroundings, the types of pests causing you problems, how long you’ve dealt with pest problems, and whether you have special needs or wishes – like pets who need protection, children with allergies, or a preference for “green” treatment options. We also bring years of experience to the table. We’re a third-generation company that’s been growing since 1945, and we’ve seen lots of pest control trends come and go. Because we have experienced exterminators, we know the best range of pest control options to offer you. We use the latest in products and technology because we keep up with training and innovations in our industry. We get rid of pests in an environmentally responsible way, and we do it for a fair price. Our employees are loyal and dedicated, and they reflect our company’s culture of courteous, on-time, on-task service. We’ll only recommend treatments you need, and we’ll keep your costs as low as we possibly can. Whether you call us for a one-time pest prevention or ongoing pest or termite treatment, we’ll always start with a free inspection and estimate. Then we’ll work with you to be sure you get the best value in pest control treatment for your budget. We have happy customers in the Birmingham and Cullman areas who have been with us for years, and they’ll tell you that our work is second to none. We want to be known for our superior service and steadfast commitment to exceeding our customers’ needs and expectations. We’ll do whatever it takes to ensure your satisfaction and create the kind of pest-free environment you want and deserve.
  • Pricing starting at $59*

    Mosquito Control

    Pricing starting at $59*

    Whether for full season service or even a one-time service in preparation for a wedding, party, or outside gathering; call American Pest Control or use our contact box to the right to begin the process of ending your mosquito nuisance.

    Learn more about how to get rid of mosquitoes

  • Termite Control

    If you value the investment you have made in your home or property, protect it from termites by having American Pest Control complete a termite inspection today.

    Learn more about how to keep your house safe from termites

  • Rodent Control

    Keep your house free from rodents, their germs and the damage they cause. Let the professional exterminators at American Pest Control evaluate your specific situation to remove mice and rats from your home and help prevent infestations in the future.

    Learn more about how to get rid of mice and rats

  • Common Pest Control

    Whether you have a current roach, rodent, termite, or other residential pest problem, or are simply interested in protecting your home against infestations, contact American Pest Control for a free estimate and consultation on how we can to best meet your residential pest control needs.

    Learn more about how to keep your home free of common household pests

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