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Pest-Proof Your Stored Holiday Decorations

Posted on Dec 22, 2017

Americans love to decorate for the holidays. From trees to tablecloths — and just about everything in between — many homes are delightfully decked out during this special time of the year.

However, once the presents have been opened and the ball has dropped in Time’s Square, it’s time to put it all away until next year. And knowing the right way to store your trimmings can help prevent insects and other pests from making their way into your home in the New Year.

Here are some tips for cleaning and storing holiday décor:

  1. Never store food. Those gingerbread ornaments your kids made in school are cute, but they attract bugs — including roaches. If you can’t part with the item, make sure they’re in sealed, zippered bags before you put them in the larger storage box of ornaments.
  2. Wash all linens. Again, any trace of food or bacteria will attract many unwanted visitors. Make sure everything is clean and dry.
  3. Store in plastic containers. Roaches, particularly, love cardboard. Discourage them by using clean, plastic containers with tight lids.
  4. Clean your tree. If you have an artificial tree, wipe it down, dry it off, and store it in a plastic bag.
  5. Wipe down ornaments and other décor. Again, clean is the key when it comes to keeping pest uninterested.
  6. Keep storage areas well ventilated. And, of course, dry. Wet, stagnant areas are magnets for bugs and rodents.
  7. Stay organized. Randomly stored containers and basement or attic clutter make ideal nesting zones for rodents.

Also, don’t neglect your year-round pest control treatments. Your efforts, combined with the expertise of professional exterminators, can help ensure you house stays pest free throughout the year.

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