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Many believe that the Daddy Long Legs spider has the world's most potent venom. This is a myth, however, because no studies have been done on the potency of its venom. Why? Because the Daddy Long Legs is incapable of biting humans! What's more, it's not even technically a spider. Instead, the Daddy Long Legs is a spider-relative called the "Harvestman", and it gathers food by scavenging.

Test your knowledge – Roaches

Posted on Sep 26, 2017

Welcome to your Roaches

How many species of cockroaches are there?
Cockroaches can live without their…
Cockroaches can trigger asthma. True or false?
Cockroaches ___________ at a very rapid pace.
If you have ______________ in your basement, get rid of them. Cockroaches love to live and breed in these.
In addition to chemical control, you can discourage cockroaches taking up residence in your home and yard by ________________.

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