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Bed bugs can ingest seven times their own weight in blood, which would be the equivalent of an average-sized male's drinking 120 gallons of liquid.

Spring Pest Control

Posted on Mar 1, 2017
Spring pest control with American Pest Control

Spring Pest Control: Ways To Prepare, Prevent, and Fight Back

The warmer weather and longer days have all of us itching to move around a little more. Unfortunately, the same is true for many bugs and pests. But there are easy ways to prepare and protect your home and family from the sting of bugs in the spring.


Keep It Clean – When it comes to discouraging pests — insects or rodents — keeping your home clean is essential. Bugs gravitate towards food sources and water, so keep food and waste containers closed, and surfaces free of food or crumbs. Trash and other debris can attract roaches and other undesirables, so try to keep your home and yard garbage free.

Seal It Up – Use caulk or another filler to seal cracks and leaks in your basement, around pipes, in the attic, and around windows. Replace any torn or worn screens, or ill-fitting doors or windows. Bugs come in through cracks and holes, plug them up.

Keep It Dry – Do you know what the deadliest animals in the world are? Not sharks or snakes. Mosquitoes. That’s right: because they transmit many deadly diseases such as malaria, mosquitoes kill more people in the world each year than all other animals combined. Plus, they’re a real pain. So how do you outsmart the world’s deadliest animal? Remove standing water from around your home is a great start. Mosquito eggs need water to hatch, so standing water is essentially a mosquito nursery. And no one wants that.

Removing standing water and keeping your basement and around your home as dry as possible will also discourage other pests like roaches. This includes removing old, wet leaves from gutters and around the perimeter of your house. And if you want to spruce up your landscape, try pine straw instead of mulch. Mulch gets damp and becomes a haven for unwanted visitors.

Move The Wood – Woodpiles, particularly those on the ground, are a favorite spot for many insects and critters, including termites and snakes. If you must have a wood pile, keep it off the ground, tidy, and dry. Also, termites are attracted to rotting wood of any kind, so make sure you pick up the sticks and other woody remnants on your property.

Keep Pets Clean and Treated – Fido is fun, and part of the family, but he can also bring in the bugs. And if you’ve ever had a flea infestation in your home, you know you don’t want another. To protect your home and your pet’s health, make sure you keep your pet clean and treated with flea and tick prevention medicine, which is available at most veterinary offices.


Mosquitoes – Bug sprays containing DEET do keep mosquitoes from biting you personally, but bug spray can be sticky and unpleasant, and it must be re-applied regularly. Citronella candles can help a little, but aren’t much of a match for stubborn mosquitoes. Most commercial pest control companies, like American Pest Control, offer an ongoing, systematic mosquito spraying program that has proven very helpful in eliminating these dreaded pests. Also, if you’re having an outdoor gathering, oscillating fans can help blow mosquitoes away from your guests.

Ants, Roaches – Readily available bug sprays and roach bait can be useful in eliminating a certain number of these seemingly indestructible insects. But these approaches often only kill the bugs you see, not the nest or the colony. So you’re basically waging a never-ending battle. Prevention is really the key to outsmarting ants and roaches. In addition to the steps recommended above, a professional prevention program is also a sound investment for most homeowners.

Termites – Termites don’t bite you physically, but they can do some real harm to your bank account. That being said, it’s probably wise to leave termite control up to the professionals so you can be confident your home — and your wallet — are protected.

Fleas – If the infestation is minor, it can possibly be eliminated by frequent vacuuming and replacing the bag each time you vacuum. This combined with flea spray can be effective. If your problem is more extensive, foggers can often eliminate fleas, but you might need to use them more than once. If all else fails, you’ll probably need assistance from insect control professionals.


Keeping your home and family insect-free is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. You must be diligent and have an ongoing, seasonally appropriate approach to discouraging and eliminating insects and other pests. This is why many people rely on professional services to provide year-round protection and extermination services. What’s more, most professional services — including American Pest Control — provide homeowners with a service guarantee, which can provide real peace of mind.

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