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Bees : Bumble Bee

bumble bee prevention

Approximate size

The “Bumble Bee” is a big, hairy, black and yellow bee whose size can range from 3/4 inch to 1 1/2 inch.


Bumblebees are varied in appearance, but are generally plump and densely furry. Compared to honeybees they are larger and stouter-bodied. Many species have broad bands of colour, the patterns helping to distinguish different species. Compared to a honeybee, a bumblebee has a broader body and a more rounded tip to the abdomen. Bumblebees have fewer stripes (or none), and usually have part of the body covered in black fur, while honeybees have many stripes including several grey stripes on the abdomen.

Common places to find bug

Many species nest underground, choosing old rodent burrows or sheltered places, and avoiding places that receive direct sunlight which could result in overheating. Other species make nests above ground, whether in thick grass or in holes in trees. A bumblebee nest is not organized into hexagonal combs like that of a honeybee; the cells are instead clustered together untidily.

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