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Bees : Carpenter Bee

Carpenter bee on a flower

Approximate size

2/3” to 1” long


Carpenter bees are large, yellow and black (or blue-black) bees that become active in early spring. This bee is usually has a shiny abdomen and a yellow thorax. Its look-alike cousins (bumble bees) have a fuzzy abdomen. Carpenter bees get their name from their ability to drill through wood and nest in the hole. Their drilling creates a near-perfect hole, approximately 1/2 inch in diameter. The hole is usually located on the underside of the wood surface; including siding, soffits, decks, overhangs, fence posts and window frames. Carpenter bees are loud and aggressive, but remember that he does not have the ability to sting you. The female can sting but she is normally very docile.

Common places to find Carpenter bees

Half-inch, round holes appear, and piles of sawdust are found underneath. Along with the coarse frass (sawdust) found underneath the nest entrance, there are usually dirty-yellow streaks of fecal matter staining the wood below the hole. If you are near a nest, you will likely be buzzed by the male carpenter bee on guard.

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