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What's That Bug?!

Bees : Honey Bee

Approximate size

Honey bee adult worker is 1/2-5/8” long; queen is 5/8-3/4” long. The pointed abdomen extends beyond the wing, and has a smooth stinger. Drones are 5/8” long, with no stingers


Orange-brown to sometimes black; body covered with pale hairs. Honey bees have hairy eyes; the first segment of the hind tarsus is enlarged and flattened.

Common places to find bug

They will enter structures through cracks and build hives in walls. To prevent this do not leave out food, water, and sugary substance. Nest are often built around cracks in your home foundation, walls, or near windows. Bees often congregate around garbage cans or any sticky or sweet spills.


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