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What's That Bug?!

Spiders : Brown Recluse

Approximate size

3/8 of an inch long with 3/16 of an inch wide. Males are slightly smaller than the females, but the males have longer legs.


The brown recluse has a well-known violin-shaped marking on the top of their body. It’s often referred to as a fiddleback or violin spider.

Common places to find bug

Brown recluses like to hide in dark, secluded places: under your porch or deck, in an outdoor shed or deep in closets. This spider thrives in man-made areas, and can often be found under trash cans, inside old, used tires, etc. The brown recluse is typically nocturnal, and she lays her eggs between May and July. A good hitchhiker and long-lived, they can go for months without eating, and they are adapted to the hot, dry conditions found in many structures.

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