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Have you ever caught something dashing across your floor, but it was gone so quick you were left wondering if you’ve actually seen anything? If so, then you may have just seen a mouse. Such a sight is unsettling and can leave you with an urge to clean your entire house from top to bottom. When you spot a rodent, whether it be a mouse or rat, you need effective rodent control that you will find with American Pest Control.

Reasons Why Rodent Control Is Crucial

Rodents are warm-blooded creatures that are extremely adaptable to their surroundings. They are found throughout the world and can withstand some extreme climates. If you find that one of these little pests have entered your home, you should not ignore the problem because it won’t go away. In fact, it will get worse.

Rapid Reproduction Leads to Infestation

Rats and mice reproduce rapidly and they will usually come out at night when everything is quiet and there are no humans around. If you see a rodent scurry across your floor during the day, there’s a good chance you could be dealing with an infestation. When you spot one mouse, this is an indication that mouse has many friends and family living just behind your walls.

Rodents Are Destructive

Rodents are incredibly destructive. You wouldn’t think something so small could cause so many problems for homeowners, but they are capable of causing all kinds of damage to your home. Rats and mice are famous for chewing through walls causing structural damage to your home. They also will chew through paper and even upholstery. They will get into any food that has been left out or will gnaw their way to get to a meal.

Rodents Carry Disease

Rodents like to spend their time in less than desirable places. You can frequently find these creatures in sewers, dumpsters and other unclean places. Because of their favorite environments, they are known to carry diseases that can be very harmful to humans and pets. Not only are they filthy animals because of where they often come from, but they leave droppings and urine everywhere they go and this contaminates everything in their path.

Rodent Control Is Essential

The professionals at American Pest Control understand the problems created by rodents. We have developed solutions to effectively deal with the problem so you can keep your home and family safe and protected from these nasty little vermin. We will use “proven/successful” methods to rid your home of rodents. It’s important to identify areas around your home where rodents can enter. Once we identify those areas, we’ll seal up any entry points to prevent re-infestation.

Things To Avoid

You’ll want to make your home less hospitable to rodents. Rodents are attracted to food, so the first thing you’ll want to avoid is leaving food out where they can easily access it. Also, don’t ignore cracks or holes in your home’s exterior as rodents will use these points of entry to get in your home. You can also deter rodents by using smells that are unpleasant to these animals.

If you see a mouse or rat, don’t panic. Call American Pest Control. We are your first line of defense when it comes to protecting your home, family and pets from rodents. Give us a call as soon as you notice a problem and we’ll take care of the problem.

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