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Building a new home or office? You should know that termites are attracted to new construction, whether it’s framing already in place or piles of lumber stacked at your lot. Even if termites don’t attack during the construction phase, they will be lying in wait, ready to attack after the new owner has happily taken possession of his new home. Whether you’re the builder or the homeowner, American Pest Control has options to stop pest damage at every stage of construction, from empty lot to finished structure.

We know building or remodeling a house can be challenging, and options to protect the structure at every stage of construction gives builders and homeowners one less thing to worry about. The craftsmanship you’ve put into the new home will be protected from unwanted pests.

Soil Pre-Treatment

Before the builder lays down a slab or hammers the first nail, American Pest Control can treat the soil that will be underneath the house with a long-lasting liquid pre-treatment. This pre-treatment will provide a barrier to protect the structure from termite infestations.

Wood Pre-Treatment

Another way to termite-proof the basic structure of your new home is to make the wood so distasteful that termites will find better meals elsewhere. American Pest Control can actually treat the wood that will be used in your new construction with a Borate wood pretreatment acts as both a termiticide and a termite repellent for years after application. This is a major advantage for builders to present to their clients.

Finished Construction Pre-Treatment

If you’ve just finished new construction or a remodeling project, American Pest Control can treat the new structure with the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System. Sentricon is eco-friendly and is approved by the Department of Housing and Urban Development as an alternative liquid barrier treatment. Sentricon destroys termite colonies by poisoning the worker termites and is the easiest and most cost-efficient way to protect the new construction. American Pest Control installs Sentricon after the final grade of the home or remodel, giving builders and their clients the peace of mind that efficient pest prevention provides.

Since 1945, American Pest Control has kept its Alabama clients pest-free with the latest in safe, effective termite and pest application.

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