Mosquito Control

Mosquito Control

For all the horror movies about masked murderers, spiders, and sharks, you’d expect to see films about the most deadly monsters in history. What could own that title besides the mosquito? They’re the chief harbingers of disease in the world; every year, mosquitoes cause one million deaths and seventy million cases of sickness.

First-world sanitation has taken the bite out of their lethality, but that doesn’t mean they’re not pests. Even if you avoid contracting West Nile, everyone loves a barbecue. Friends, family, even in-laws, but especially mosquitoes. There’s no doubt that you’ve had mosquitoes set upon what was supposed to be a fun, outdoor activity and ruin it for everyone. Mosquito repellent and home-grown methods for mosquito control don’t always work, and when nothing else does the job, American Pest Control always will.

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About Mosquitoes

Not all mosquitoes suck blood. Male mosquitoes are pollinators, which feed off plant nectar and will likely never bother you. Female mosquitoes have evolved to suck blood as part of a dangerous, but effective mechanism for reproduction. Engorging themselves on nutrient-rich blood means they can produce and lay many more eggs, as many as two hundred at a time. If even a few survive, they will quickly replenish their numbers or multiply.

Female mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water, but depriving them of breeding grounds is not so simple as pouring out old tires. The smallest puddles serve their breeding purposes, and once the eggs hatch, the larvae can survive on moist soil. These resilient pests are not dealt with easily; you should follow our mosquito prevention tips so the problem doesn’t get out of hand.

  • Mosquitoes will breed in virtually any standing water
  • Dumping water will prevent egg-laying but will not kill larvae
  • If even 1% of mosquitoes survive and reproduce, their population will not shrink

Mosquito Prevention

Since mosquitoes find their breeding grounds in standing water, preemptively eliminating such sources is a key method for prevention. Even the small puddles or moist areas created by leaky faucets are enough to breed hundreds of mosquitoes. They’re a weak link in your defense against mosquitoes, and fixing them is a top priority.

Tires often collect water, and yards with poor drainage might collect small puddles here and there. Pots or dishes that have been left outside are likely culprits as well. You can introduce an insecticide or powerful detergent to kill any eggs already lain, then dump them to deprive the mosquitoes of future breeding grounds.

These and other tips can help mitigate your mosquito problems.

  • Move dishes, tires, and other rain-catching implements to covered areas
  • Check flower pots and your yard for puddles once a week
  • Plant a garden to attract mosquito predators such as dragonflies
  • Empty standing water from pools and pool covers
  • Check containers such as trash cans for water leakage and pooling

Mosquito Treatment

Given the tiny areas of damp and wet that mosquitoes can resort to, it’s easy for anyone to miss some standing water here or there. Even if you carry out your mosquito prevention regimen perfectly, mosquitoes can cross into your property from other properties. That’s why American Pest Control offers a robust mosquito control plan to keep your summer mosquito-free.

American Pest Control uses Zoecom Professional Products to combat adult and larval mosquitoes. We’ll thoroughly apply larvicides on standing water and other trouble areas. With mosquito breeding grounds on your property eliminated, we spray adulticides around the perimeter of your property. This prevents the transmission of mosquitoes from other areas to yours.

Our Services

With the professional services on offer at American Pest Control, we can meet your unique needs for yearly mosquito control. Whether you want seasonal service to ensure a mosquito-free summer or if you need a one-time service to so you won’t have to suffer the pests during a wedding, party, or other special occasions, give us a call. Call American Pest Control or contact us through this website to end the mosquitoes that are menacing your home.

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