Common Pest Control

Common Pests

Numerous common pests invade your home and threaten your loved ones with a range of diseases throughout the year. You’ve no doubt flicked the lights on, then felt your heart jump into your throat while seeing a roach dart across the floor. Or even worse, out of a kitchen cupboard.

While a clean, well-maintained home will deter pests, it’s often not enough to ensure preventing an infestation. To be certain of success in preventing or eliminating pests that decided to make your home, their home, you need to call American Pest Control.

Spiders, Wasps and Hornets

Bees and similar species of insect live throughout the United States, although many species are beneficial pollinators. These, such as Bumble Bees, are quite defensive in most cases and best left alone. Related carpenter bees do good work as pollinating insects, but they build their nests in deadwood. If they target your home, significant property damage may result.

Wasps and hornets, though, are often aggressive and territorial. A hornet nest located near your home can be a legitimate danger to children. In rare cases, people have died after being swarmed by hornets. Many more are sent to the emergency room after encounters with these and other stinging insects, though. When you have a dangerous infestation of them, call American Pest Control for a comprehensive pest control solution.

  • Many species harmless or passive and should be left alone if possible
  • Aggressive hornets and wasps should be identified and dealt with
  • Special care should be taken if you have children with allergies

Ticks and Fleas

These blood-sucking creatures attack you and your pets directly. At the most superficial level, their bites are uncomfortable and cause swelling and irritation. Most ticks prefer to attack dogs, but some are happy to attack people. The tick that is the most aggressive towards people, the Lone Star Tick, is common in Alabama. Throughout the summer and fall, they spread the dangerous pathogens that cause Lyme Disease.

Fleas are less dangerous, but share similarities with ticks. Fleas can target your pets and spread diseases to you and your furry friends. 

Flea Control Companies - American Pest and Termite


Oh, Cockroaches. Something about their creepy, smooth bodies and their skittering legs sets of a primal fear response in the bravest of people. If you see one, then many more are likely nearby. But if you don’t have an infestation already, one fertilized female can produce six generations of offspring in just a year. The most common roach, the German Cockroach, will lay 50 eggs with each sack.

Besides their uncanny, creepy appearance, cockroaches are a serious health hazard. Their excrement and decaying bodies introduce allergens that one in five American children will have a bad reaction to. While seeking out food, cockroaches might infest and run across your pantry, spreading a variety of lethal pathogens.

When you need to exterminate these hardy nuisances from your home or business, give American Pest Control a call.

  • Cockroaches contaminate your food
  • They produce dangerous allergens
  • German Cockroaches reproduce extremely quickly


While insect invaders are unsettling, there’s something else about having relatively-much larger animals like mice and rodents in your home. In Alabama, rodent infestations peak during the winter, when mice and rats enter peoples’ homes to seek out food and warmth.

With their freakish ability to squeeze through spaces smaller than a quarter and their incessant gnawing, rodents will make their nests within your walls. Roof rats, which are common in Alabama, will Worse than the property damage is that they’ll enter your living areas, particularly your kitchen. Rodents spread disease when they traverse your home, by attracting fleas, and through their excrement. Particulates from dried rodent droppings are especially dangerous sources of disease.

When you find yourself asking how to get rid of mice and rats, contact American Pest Control for our rodent removal services.

  • Rodent infestations are most severe in winter
  • Some rats will cause property damage via gnawing through wood
  • All rodents are health hazards


The two biggest nuisance ants are those that will attack your food and those that attack your home. Sugar ants and similar species will ruthlessly seek out your food, particularly sweets. While marching across your sink and cupboards, they will contaminate your food and kitchen utensils. Carpenter ants eat their way through the wood that makes up your home, burrowing holes for their nests.

These two ant problems are quite different from one another, but American Pest Control is always ready to exterminate either type.

  • Sugar ants will seek out food and track bacteria through your kitchen
  • Carpenter ants damage the wooden structure of your home while burrowing
  • Ants are extremely social – where there is one there are thousands

Other Household Pests

Besides those listed, there are many, lesser problem animals. Moths, for instance, might eat holes through your wardrobe. Even worse than carpenter bees and carpenter ants, termites pose a real threat to the integrity of your home.

Whatever insect problems your home or business has, American Pest Control can handle it.

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